Many Moons Ago I Saw a UFO

I must have been around 14. My mother and I sat outside on summer nights in our backyard in Connecticut to enjoy the cool night air and watch the sky. We knew the flight paths of the airplanes from the New York airports to Boston and Europe. We knew the path of Telstar’s orbit and we would watch for it as it passed overhead. We sat in the sunken garden for hours on a nice night and observed the stars, planets, shooting stars and everything else that occupied the night sky.

One night I noticed a relatively dim light low in the southeastern horizon. It appeared to be stationary, but it was a light or star that I did not recall seeing before. I kept my eyes on it while taking in all that was going on in the sky above me. It seemed to me that it was moving ever so slightly. If you looked at it, you couldn’t see movement, but if you looked away and then looked back several minutes later, it appeared to have moved northward along the horizon in relation to where it had been before.

After watching this for probably a half an hour or so, I brought it to my mother’s attention. She didn’t remember seeing it before either and she kept her eyes on it as did I. Over the next half hour we both agreed that, yes, it was still moving north. Now we were really intent on watching it. It had progressed a little more than half way across the eastern horizon. We watched and watched and it appeared to have stopped. We continued to watch. Minutes passed and no movement. We were now up on our feet watching it. We were alarmed by the lack of movement. What could possibly stop dead in the sky? There were no sounds and it seemed to be very distant.

Then, from that dead stop, it made a 90 degree turn and was zooming directly toward us. I felt that it was reading our minds…it knew we were watching it and it was coming to us. As it zoomed in our direction, the light was getting brighter and bigger with still no sound emanating from it. It was almost directly overhead. Scared, I took off and ran toward the house. I could hear my mother’s footsteps following me. We reached the back door and ran into the kitchen and locked the door behind us. We were afraid to look out the windows for fear something would be looking in. We discussed this episode quite often in later years and often wondered if we had lost any time that night….were we abducted? We couldn’t recall losing time and we had no evidence that we were abducted. But now, more than 45 years later, that memory is still alive and I still wonder.


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