Rh Negative Blood Relatives

Until fairly recently I had no idea that there was anything unusual about my Rh negative blood.  I knew that after I had given birth to my daughter, I was given an injection of Rhogam.  I was told that Rhogam  was routinely given to women with Rh negative blood after pregnancies in which they carried Rh positive fetuses in order to prevent the mother’s immune system from reacting against the Rh positive blood of any subsequent fetus.  At the time I thought it was strange that my immune system would react against a subsequent fetus with Rh positive blood, but I never questioned it, and I had no more pregnancies.


Recently I learned that only 15% of the world’s population has Rh negative blood.  The other 85% has Rh positive and the Rh stands for Rhesus like in monkey.  So those with Rh positive blood have a factor in their blood that can be traced back to the Rhesus monkey.  But the earthly origin for Rh negative blood is unknown.  Scientists have no explanation for it.  This made me think back to my mother saying that a monkey wasn’t her uncle.  I asked her to explain what she meant.  She said that she didn’t believe that humans evolved from monkeys.  Her theory was that if humans did evolve from monkeys, how can there still be monkeys on this planet?  Wouldn’t it follow that all monkeys then evolved into humans?  How could it be that some monkeys evolved and others did not?  How could you argue with this?  I certainly couldn’t.


Recently I started thinking about the Rh negative issue again.  An Rh negative pregnant woman’s body rejects the positive blooded baby in her womb. Her blood builds up antibodies to destroy the alien substance. Conversely, an Rh positive woman’s body does not reject an Rh negative fetus.  Why would an Rh positive fetus be considered alien?  I started to research this on the web and learned that scientists can clone the Rh positive factor, but they are not able to clone the Rh negative factor.  There are some sites that suggest Rh negative people are related to the ancient astronauts and it’s believed there is a high percentage of alien abduction of people with Rh negative blood.

I have seen a UFO, I have had an out of body experience, I have had episodes of sleep paralysis and now I believe this Rh negative thing is related to these.    


7 Responses to “Rh Negative Blood Relatives”

  1. 1 John
    August 13, 2010 at 3:11 am

    I’m A negative. I’ve always felt out of place and had multiple paranormal activities around me. It wasn’t until I joined the military that I found out my blood type. I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was a very yound kid. I’ve also had multiple OBE’s. My hearing is extremely sensitive. I hear things others cannot. Things like those electronic pest controllers, motion sensors, and bats. These things hurt my ears a lot. I also have very light sensitive eyes. I cannot go outside in mid-day without sunglasses! The light is painful in my head and behind my eyeballs. One day my sister and I were walking outside and she stoped. I asked her what’s up. She said she saw a ufo above us. I looked up and didn’t see anything, it was gone already. I’ve never seen one…

    My mom is A+ annd my dad O+. My sister A+. I’m A-. It’s possible, just not likely. I was born blue, had teeth and hair. Alrighty, I need to get back to work. Take care, John.

  2. 3 Nyanza
    August 19, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    I have read many unscientific stories about rh negative people. Some stories are so abussive, how can one say there is a high percentage of alien abduction of people with Rh negative blood? I conqure with those who think there must be a mutation which took place betweenn the parents who produced a rh negative baby.Let us regard the rh negative people as normal persons.Scientist cruck your head and give us a solution otherwise it is only GOD’s Wish
    Ilove you rh negative people.

  3. 4 Symple
    August 20, 2010 at 12:00 am

    I agree with Nyanza (awesome name by the way). I know I wasn’t abducted by aliens and I happen to be RH Negative or in some webisites, came from lizards or something. I do though, feel like I was placed with my family and left there with them, not knowing where I really came from. I’m very different from my brothers and sisters. I have a high IQ (although sometimes I need spell check). Like John, I also have this superior hearing ability (I sware I can hear a mouse farting), sensitivity to light, OBE’s, and I’ve also had sleep paralysis since I was young…not to mention the scary things that kids are afraid of (ghosts, orbs, and the feeling of being watched by the ‘invisibles’)! I have had them all. The good ghosts, the bad and the terrifyng! And, like inourimage, I had the Rhogam shot within an hour after my first child’s birth. Unfortunetly, it was already too late…I’m sensitized! Believe it or not, I gave birth 2 more times after that, but, yes…there is a but…my third child was severely jaundice and had to be hospitalized for nearly a week after she was born. My (then) husband, is positive. I thank the Lord that she was one of the few that would’nt need a complete blood transfusion or none at all. Somehow, she healed herself. Later on, (around 3 years of age) we found out she has Autism and some of her abilities…now at age 8, include reading people before she ever sees them, their feelings, their sadness and almost every emotional inconsistencies. I don’t know if being sensitized caused her autism, but her IQ is astonishingly high. It’s too bad that she’s so shy. She does want to write a book and become an author.

    I don’t know much about my RH Negative traits or medical facts but I did hear (or saw, or read somewhere) that the RH Neg sensitized individuals may be immune to most viruses and bacterias…including HIV! I do think it came from something to do with the black plague and it’s survivors in England or something. I do feel a connection with England (I’m weird). I need to research. I just became a member of RH Negative Blood Fact and Theory today!

  4. 5 maxine
    June 7, 2011 at 10:32 am

    hi im also rh negative im 25 and female iv had a 2 babies and had big problems with my second baby. it feels stupid to say but yes i have always felt different but i find it very weird that only 15% of the worlds population have this blood type but me and my sister both have it

  5. June 8, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    Hi Maxine!

    I know it’s totally weird that rh negatives feel that we’re different in some ways. Growing up, I always thought that I was adopted or something because I was different and felt awkward from siblings. I thought I just wanted to know the in’s and out’s of everything that exsisted in the world, but in reality, most rh negatives want to know the same type of the in’s and out’s. We want to know that the world is round, to find it on our own and not just learn that it is round from a teacher or whatever. Did you know Prince Charles (I may be getting his name wrong…but Prince Williams’s father) is also rh negative? Yes, and they (the scientist, or crazy people…I D K…LOL) are saying that we (rh-) came from reptilian ancestors. Check out the websites I posted at the bottom for you!



    • 7 inourimage
      June 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm

      Sorry…I usually read and respond to comments quickly but my electricty was knocked out for a couple of days by a severe thunderstorm. Thanks so much for your comments, and, yes, you have it right, it is Prince Charles.

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