Fingerprints and Rh Negative Blood

I’ve wondered for a while about any link between fingerprints and blood group.  I’ve just now found a site that addresses this issue to some extent:    http://medind.nic.in/jal/t04/i1/jalt04i1p6.pdf

This was a 2004 study and I have a feeling more info might be forthcoming on this subject.  Following has been copied from this site, but I strongly recommend you take a look at the entire PDF article:

“Finger print (dactylography / dermatoglyphic) is considered as the best tool of identification. This study was carried out in 2000-2001 on 300 students of different ABA blood groups of Medical College, Ajmer with two objectives, viz. (a) To study distribution of finger print pattern among the subjects having different ABO and Rh blood group and (b) Correlate any relation between their characters and blood groups. Male: female ratio was 2.4:1. Majority of the subjects (38.33%) in the study were of blood group A followed by blood group B, A and AB of whom 95.67% were Rh-positive. The general distribution of pattern of finger print showed high frequency (51.87%) of loops whereas whorls were moderate (35.83%) and arches were least (12.30%) in frequency. Almost same order was noticed in both Rh-positive and Rhnegative individuals or A, B, AB and O blood groups. Blood group A showed more loops (Rh +ve 54.26%, Rh -ve 60%) while, blood group AB had more whorls (Rh +ve 43.34%, Rh -ve60%). The study suggests an association between finger print pattern and blood group. The distribution of different pattern of finger prints in individual fingers also showed some peculiarities in relation to blood group. The total finger ridge count (TFRC) was significantly greater in blood group B.”


1 Response to “Fingerprints and Rh Negative Blood”

  1. 1 Monika Linton
    March 6, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Dr Peter D’Adamo has done a lot of research into Genotypes, of which there are 6 and fingerprinting (also your actual blood type, somatotype, body measurements etc) is a significant part of finding which genotype you are. The Explorer Genotype, the only one which can be any blood type at all, has a much larger number of Rh negatives than the other genotypes. In our Explorer Genotype Group we have almost half who are Rh neg which is excessive when you realise that Rh-‘s are only around 15% of the humans on Earth anyway. One of our peculiarities is that it’s common for us to have different fingerprints on each index fingers and sometimes on the thumbs as well. There is a lot of information within the fingerprints about our personal health patterns and susceptibilities towards disease also….a very useful subject to study.

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