Rh Negatives, Telepathy and Extraterrestrials

I’ve described elsewhere in this blog my UFO sighting decades ago when I was a teenager. My mother was with me that summer night as we watched a very dim light on the eastern horizon making a slow and almost imperceptible track toward the north. For many minutes we followed the movement of this object…two Rh negative women transfixed on it. And then it stopped. Just stopped. I felt that “they” must have picked up on our thought waves. We stood there watching and waiting. And suddenly it started zooming in our direction. Petrified, we ran inside. Had they picked up on our thoughts? My mother and I felt certain they had. I still believe this.

Have any of you Rh negatives out there reading this had telepathic experiences, either extraterrestrial or otherwise?

A recent news article about President Eisenhower meeting with aliens started me thinking about telepathy recently. Supposedly the meetings with the aliens were arranged through telepathic messages. See the following:



2 Responses to “Rh Negatives, Telepathy and Extraterrestrials”

  1. 1 Joy
    October 11, 2012 at 2:33 am

    I and my 7 children are quasi telepathic. We have just realized this. since the first was a babe I could sooth him while talking to him in my mind. If I think about him or call his name in my mind he will come to me and ask me what I want . The other children do this also. I have also called the dogs and cat in this way. Not that this is telepathic but if I or my children are with other people and we are thinking about something usually someone around us will start talking about or say exactly what we were thinking and then they are surprised by what they said.

  2. 2 Whateva'
    October 30, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Hey, I had some extraterestrial experiences, visual and thelepathic. really creppy and interesting in the same time! I really want to talk with people who had this kind of experiences.

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